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Стандарти та вимоги до вражень Airbnb

In addition to behaving in accordance with our Community Standards, which apply to all community members, Airbnb experience hosts must meet the following quality standards and requirements. Before any experience is published, it is reviewed based on the below criteria and it must continue upholding these standards to remain on Airbnb.

Hosting requirements

Hosts must provide expertise, insider access, and connection on the experience. Learn more about these standards.

Guests should always know exactly who will be hosting them

If a friend, partner, or a team is helping you host or manage your experience, they must be registered as a co-host or assistant via the Teams tool on your host dashboard. Co-hosts must also be assigned to the instances they are leading so that guests know their host in advance. Learn more about co-hosting requirements.

Hosts may not hand guests off to 3rd party suppliers, or leave guests on their own without a host 

Hosts and co-hosts must personally lead their guests throughout the entirety of the experience.

Only Airbnb guests on an Airbnb experience 

Once a host lists an experience for a particular time and date on Airbnb, only Airbnb guests can attend that instance of the experience. Hosts are not permitted to mix guests from Airbnb and other platforms on the same instance of an experience.

Hosts cannot set a minimum group size 

Every traveler should feel welcome on Airbnb, whether they are traveling on their own or with a group.

Keep to guidelines

Hosts must abide by the health and safety guidelines when hosting in-person experiences. Learn more about these requirements.

Hosting commitments

Hosts must honor all booked reservations 

Hosts must honor their reservations, unless the host must cancel due to a valid extenuating circumstance, safety concerns, or dangerous weather conditions. Learn more about our Experiences Host Cancellation policy.

Guest reviews, ratings, and engagement

Experiences must maintain a high overall rating and guest engagement level. Guests like to know they can expect a consistent level of quality, no matter where they book. Hosts with consistently low reviews (1-3*), or insufficient page views and bookings, may have their listings suspended and/or removed from Airbnb. Learn more about ratings and reviews for Experiences.

Hosts are expected to abide by these standards and with our Terms of Service and Additional Terms for Experience Hosts. Experiences that don’t meet any of the above standards may be removed from Airbnb.

Verification requirements

Evident ID Verification. If an experience includes a technically specialized activity where we require proof of a license, certification, or insurance, it will not be published if any of the following is true: 

  • The host does not submit the requested documents to our validation partner Evident ID 
  • The required documents are expired
  • The name(s) on the documents does not match the name listed on the host’s Airbnb profile  
  • The documents don’t meet our license or insurance requirements 
  • Evident ID cannot process the provided documents for any other reason (e.g. blurry photo or unrecognized document type)

Experience requirements

What we don’t allow:


Experiences that include accommodations or lodging of any kind are not permitted outside of Airbnb Adventures. If you are interested in renting your space, consider becoming a host of a place to stay.

Mistreatment of animals

Airbnb’s Animal Welfare Guidelines apply to experiences involving wild animals in the wild and in captivity, as well as domesticated animals under human care. Violations include direct interactions with wild animals (e.g. riding, petting, feeding), dog sledding, the purchase or consumption of wild animal products, and certain other activities.

Intellectual property violations

We do not permit the use of copyrighted work such as music, videos, photography, or literature unless the work was created or properly licensed by the host, or is in the public domain. We also prohibit the unauthorized use of other types of intellectual property such as trademarks (e.g. brand names) or individual names (e.g. celebrities) that suggest an endorsement of, or affiliation with, a host or Experience.

Violation of local laws or restrictions 

Hosts are responsible for understanding and complying with all applicable laws, rules, regulations, and other requirements that apply to their Experience. Hosts can find information about some of the legal obligations that may apply to their experience, including information about food, alcohol, the use of public lands, and tour guiding, on our Responsible Hosting Pages.

Inappropriate or discriminatory content

Experiences must follow all requirements outlined in Airbnb's Content Policy and Nondiscrimination Policy.

Experiences that cross country borders 

Experiences must take place in a single country. Experiences that include crossing a country border are not permitted.

Payments outside of Airbnb’s system. 

Experience hosts may not solicit an online or offline payment from guests in violation of Airbnb’s offsite payment policy. Read about our offsite payment policy.

Activities with special requirements or restrictions


Different from typical tours and services, Airbnb Experiences are designed to be highly unique and interactive. So, services are generally ineligible as they don't provide experience, insider access, and connection. Learn more about what doesn't qualify as an Airbnb Experience

Technically-specialized outdoor activities

Certain activities aren’t allowed on the platform. This includes, but is not limited to, activities involving extreme heights or caves (e.g. bungee, skydiving, heli-skiing, cave diving), certain ocean activities (e.g. free diving, kiteboarding, shark diving), and certain ice or mountain activities (e.g. canyoneering, ice climbing, free climbing).

Sexually suggestive activities

Experiences that include sexual content or nudity must have a minimum age limit of 18+, must disclose the presence of nudity, and must take place in a public place (not a private residence). Hosts must also provide behavior requirements for hosts and guests during the experience, and specify how guests can opt out of the activity if they feel uncomfortable. Sexually explicit content is not permitted on the platform.


We only allow the use of projectile weapons when the host has a valid license and insurance. Experiences involving firearms must have a minimum guest age limit of 18+.

Political activities

We don’t allow experiences that include direct political actions, like campaigning and fundraising, or activities that violate local laws. Political activities that are informational and educational in nature are permitted.

Certain categories of experiences on Airbnb have additional standards:

Listing page requirements

The experience itinerary must be clear, complete, and accurate. Guests should know exactly what to expect upon booking the experience. This applies to all experience details, including:

  • What guests will be doing
  • Meeting address and instructions for meeting up with the host
  • What’s included in the price (e.g. what the host is providing for guests)
  • What guests need to bring with them (e.g. extra cash to buy food that’s not included)
  • The time and date of the experience

No “open-ended” itineraries

Each experience must have a clear, pre-defined itinerary—we can’t accept “open-ended” plans where guests are asked to define an experience’s itinerary, or choose activities or locations. It’s OK to include minor variations.

  • Not allowed: "I’ll meet guests for coffee and then we’ll see where the afternoon takes us!"
  • Allowed: "My baking experience is different based on the day of the week. On Mondays, we bake bread, and on Tuesday, we bake cookies."
  • Not allowed: "During the tour, guests can choose from among several different activities, including rafting or visiting the temples, or many others."
  • Allowed: "We’ll visit galleries of upcoming artists. Each afternoon, I’ll choose a different artist depending on the artists generating the most interest at the time." (This is OK because the main activity, gallery tours, remains the same)

Photos must meet Airbnb’s photo quality standards.

Information in the Accessibility section of a listing must meet Airbnb’s accessibility feature description requirements.

Hosts must list their experience as an individual, not a business. The host’s profile photo must be a clear picture of the host and not a company logo. The host’s profile name must be the host’s personal name and not a business name. Hosts should describe themselves in the “About Me” section of the experience page.

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