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West Nusa Tenggara: унікальні ідеї, чим зайнятися

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West Nusa Tenggara: усі заходи поблизу

Private Snorkeling Tour Gili islands
We will meet at the front beach sama-sama bar in Gili T And We’ll start to Gili Meno - Snorkel along the coral reef - Keeping an eye out for colorful fish and coral - Swimming with sea turtles - Underwater sculptures You’ll continue to Gili Air island, where you'll have the opportunity to snorkel in the coral reef and observe different species of colorful marine creatures,including surgeon fish,sea goldies and clown fish. After that, you’ll have free time to get lunch And relax on the beach before returning to Gili Trawangan. Thing's to know : - This tour is exclusive private. - All snorkeling gear are included - Private snorkeling tour will do for 4 hours. - Private full day And sunset trip is available - Small party at the boat are allowed. - You can bring your own food and drink to the boat. General terms for operation : - Hotel pick-up & drop-off from lombok, senggigi, selong belanak, kuta And mataram can be arrange with extra cost. - A pick up from Gili Air or Gili Meno can be arrange with extra cost. - If you are in bali and interested want to do a day trip to Gili trawangan? We can arrange returns/one way transportation like private car and fastboat to Gili T with the extra cost. Don’t hesitate to ask about the tour, i’m happy to help. Don't miss your memorable experience in gili trawangan And book now!
Catamaran day cruise around the Gili Islands
Utopia catamaran is a unique offer in Gili Trawangan. Each trip has been made to leave our guests the most freedom they can imagine : snorkel with the turtles, chill on our amazing catamaran, sit at the bar while sipping a hand crafted cocktail, jump from the boat in the turquoise blue waters, enjoy the most delicious food you will find on the island, and so much more... We have got you covered! During the 3 hours of the cruise, we will just make sure to give you all the opportunities you can dream of and let you make this time your own. You will start your breakfast and lunch cruises with a stop at the underwater statues of Gili Meno, for some snorkelling. Next stop will be an encounter with the turtles at Turtle Heaven, north of Gili Meno. The last stop will be at Coral Garden, North of Gili Trawangan, for some chilling time on our lovely catamaran. Included brunch and lunch will be available at all time during the trip, with some extra drinks available at the bar. For the sunset cruise, you will first cruise to the North of Gili Meno to enjoy a late afternoon swim, have some fun and and show us your best jump from the boat. After that, we will be on our way to the Sunset side of Gili Trawangan to chill and enjoy your cocktails and tapas while looking at the most amazing sunset you will witness.
Private snorkeling trip
We wil go on the private glass bottom boat to explore the 3 island Our crew would like to escort you on a 5 hour private glass bottom boat trip to explore the 3 Gili islands (Gili T, Gili Meno & Gili Air). -Snorkle with turtles and tropic fish at the best spots -See the underwater statue at Gili Meno -Visit the turtle hatchery at Gili Meno (release your own baby turtle to the sea) -Lunch at Gili Air -We can capture all your experiences with GoPro camera - just relax and enjoy -Snorkling gear is included in the price Join Rob’s Adventures for a fun and safe experience. and we going to have lunch time in gili air and returning apter las snorkeling from gili air to gili T Snorkeling gear will be included on the boat
Уроки серфінгу в Ґілі-Траванган
Найкращі враження від серфінгу в професійному, безпечному та дружньому середовищі. Я пропоную особисті уроки, адаптовані до будь-якого рівня серфінгу за дуже доступною ціною. Всього в декількох годин їзди від Балі, острів Ломбок пропонує неймовірні розваги, при цьому набагато менше натовпу, ніж на Балі. Деякі чудові місця для серфінгу були визнані найкращими хвилями у світі. Зачекайте більше, забронюйте місце в таборі для серфінгу в Ломбоку та покатайтеся на найкращих хвилях! Напівприватний урок: ми надаємо 1 інструктора з 4 студентів, що дозволяє отримати особисту увагу та зворотній зв 'язок, необхідний для покращення серфінгу. КОЖЕН УРОК IS ( 2 ГОДИНИ ) Ми зустрічаємося на місці для серфінгу ( на велосипеді) - 15 хвилин від центру Базова теорія серфінгу - 5 хвилин Пляжні практичні рекомендації - 10 хвилин Урок серфінгу - 60 хвилин Час перерви - 15 хвилин Урок серфінгу - 60 хвилин Перегляньте наш Instagram : школа серфінгу Kubu Ми не просто даємо урок, ми навчаємо вас, як стати справжнім серфером. Графік уроків на Airbnb - це найкращий приплив і хвиля безпеки для початківців. Інші речі, які варто пам 'ятати Час для уроків серфінгу може змінюватися залежно від океанських умов. Ви можете дійти до цього місця дуже легко, якщо перебуваєте в центрі, але легше, якщо ви можете їхати на велосипеді.
Traditional village & cooking experience
I will pick you up in Kuta and take you to my village, where you will meet my mum, who picks chilli and coffee, my husband who is a driver, my grandma who is 100 years old, my 9-year-old daughter who is learning English at school and my baby who is now 2 years old and loves spicy food! You will also meet the other families living in my small village. They are very curious and love meeting new people! We will then go to my house on the mountain, overlooking Kuta, and will teach you how to cook traditional food and my speciality (tempeh with sambal sauce, vegetables, fish and fresh fruit from my garden (vegan option also possible, I have many vegan friends!) while you enjoy my local coffee, handpicked by my mom, with a little twist. I will teach you how to make it and can take some ground coffee for your family if you like it! While we eat, I will tell you about me, my community and my culture and would love to show you what life is like in a small Lombok village from a local perspective. You can ask me any questions! My English is not perfect but I love sharing my culture with new friends.
Snorkeling the beauty of Gili Air, Meno and Trawangan
Hello happy people Meeting point is in Bangsal harbour / Gili Trawangan / Gili Air Once you get on the boat your first stop will be at coral garden in Gili Air area, it's 15-20minutes away from the harbour Your next snorkeling is in beautiful iconic living statue in Gili Meno area just around 5minutes on boat from the first one And the last spot is in Gili Trawangan area it's also called turtle point, in this spot you will swim with beautiful green turtle, it's just another 5minutes by boat from the living statue in Meno island Once the trip done we will drive you back to the hotel In this trip you will allow to visit one island only for lunch break About timing and schedule where to visit first is always negotiable with boatman, all about the tide situation We provide snorkeling gear, life jacket, mineral water, chocolate bar, underwater camera and all of them are free If you are staying out of those free pick up zone, please feel free to text me thru the app we can discuss about pick up and drop off to your hotel NOTE : - please bring your swimsuit - hat - flipflop - sun cream protection - beach towel - sunglass - Ignore default / duration time on air bnb actual time around 4-5hours trip
Traditional Market Tour, try the most unique fruits
I will take you to the local Sasak food market in Kuta (Lombok), the biggest in the area, where locals come and buy fresh food (fruit, veggies, meats, coffee, tea plants, traditional clothes, and even raw tobacco plants!) I will show you around and teach you all about our traditional foods, and I will invite you to try fruits that I'm sure you've never heard about! The people selling in the market are local families that grow food in their gardens. My mom sometimes sells chilli (that she picks herself from a hill nearby) and my grandma, who is 105 years old, sells bananas and coffee she has grown, toasted and ground herself. I welcome you to Lombok and invite you to live the real, local, raw experiences on the island and learn more about the beautiful Sasak culture we're part of. I will happily also teach you some words in Bahasa while we explore the market so that you can impress some of the locals!
Surf lesson Gurupuk south Lombok
After we meet and determine your level of surfing, we will decide the surf spot (there are 2-4 different options for surfing here in Grepuk mist of which you need a local guide to access) if beginner, we will start with lesson on the beach then jump straight into a boat to travel to the surf spot. We will surf for approximately two hours, in the water ,and then return back to Grepuk beach. All instruction for beginner,intermediate and advanced surfer will be provided on a individual case basis according to your level of surf experience. Other things to note Please send me message to confirm your arrival time and place, feel free to message with any questions you may have. If you do not have your own equipment I can help you to find rental once you arrive
Snorkeling at Gili Nanggu, Gili Sudak, Gili Kedis
This experience is private ( you won't mix with anybody else on the boat ) I can provide pick up and drop off from your hotel by request, and there is extra cost for this ( additional charge is depending on where you stay ) If you have your own transport meeting point will be at Tawun harbour. 20minutes on boat and we set your snorkeling gears (include) on and ready to snorkeling in Gili Nanggu. Spend some times to see thousands of fish and we take a break under berugak ( little Lombok gazebo ) when we finish first one. Then we ready to the second spot called Gili Sudak, another school of yellow fin tuna are already waiting. In this island you could also have your lunch, there is some local warung selling food ( it's not included). Then the last place we will visit is the tiny little island called Gili Kedis, no one leaves in this island. We going for last snorkeling spot to see beautiful coral. You can also sun bathing here After we spend some times and when you ready we will take you back to the harbour. *Itinerary : - Snorkeling at Gili Nanggu - Snorkeling to Gili Sudak - Snorkeling at Gili Kedis *NOTE: - Solo traveler will pay additional fee 250k to cover operational cost *PLEASE BRING : •Swimsuit •Towel .Sunblock cream .Sunglass .Cash
Lombok surf lessons & surf theory
Before we go to surfing spot , first we will intoduction surf spot like where is channel (save zone),infact zone, line up (where you will catch wave) And after that -we will teach you the right technique of how to pop-up on the surf board, -how to handling board , -how to paddle properly - -how to turtle roll and overcome the incoming waves, And normally,if you can stand well to the board and we teach you for the next step like -how to ride green waves - how to meke generation speed -how to buttom turn - how to top turn -how to cut back -and also we will give you feedback directly after each wave you catch For the each surf session maximum two hours lesson Whats the includes on surf lessons: -surfing board -rash guard ( lycra) - leging -surf teachers -boat ( stay during two hours surf) Gerupuk bay is one of best place to surf becouse we have five surfing spot in gerupuk, for all of that spot have to go by boat and boat will waiting during surfing lesson Gerupuk inside or dondon is the one for begginer level to intermediate level this spot is able for all tide
Surf Class in Gerupuk (beginners welcome
We will meet at Banyu Surf Shop in Gerupuk. There, I will pick the perfect surfboard for you, depending on your experience and height. I will also provide a surf t-shirt if you don't have your own. I will then teach you the basics of surfing and we will practice a bit in-land until you are confident enough to get in the water. We will get in the water and I will help you find the perfect wave and push you towards it, so it's easy for you to stand. I will catch the wave with you so I can provide feedback on your posture. We will spend 2 hours in total and return to the same initial spot.
LOMBOK-Private Customized-Full Day Tour
What feels like a step back in time to what Bali once was, remains an idyllic escape for honeymooners, families and backpackers. Nature is the ultimate playground in Lombok, with the island's marine life and overland adventures bringing travellers an array of experiences. “WELCOME TO LOMBOK” • Please select one tour from all recommended tour option below. (RECOMMENDED LOMBOK TOUR) TOUR 1. (Lombok Sasak traditional village & beach tour) *Merese hill & Pepper beach *Kuta mandalika beach *Traditional sade village *Weaving traditional sukarare *Banyu mulek TOUR 2 (Waterfall Sendang Gile, Waterfall Tiu Kelep, highlight tour) *Rumah adat bayan *Waterfall sendang gile *Waterfall tiu kelep *Ghost villa TOUR 3. ( Waterfall Benang Kelambu, Waterfall Benang Stokel day tour) *Waterfall benang kelambu *Waterfall benang stokel *Banyu mulek village • Free pick up & drop off from locations bellow: * Kuta Mandalika * Mataram * Senggigi * Praya NOTE: 1. Pick up time at 08.00am will be in your hotel. 2. If pick up out of the following locations above will add fee 200k to cover operational cost 3. If solo traveler will add fee 300k to cover operational cost 4. Please avoid default time in airbnb because this tour duration around 8-9 hours
Private snorkeling in Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno & Gili Air
Nature is the ultimate playground in Lombok, with the island's marine life and overland adventures bringing travellers an array of experiences,here you will know the real meaning of nature experience specially in Gilis. Itinerary : *Gili Trawangan Island Snorkeling in Turtle Spot *Gili Meno Beach Snorkeling In Statue's Spot & Turtle's Spot *Gili Air Island Snorkeling In Fish Spot NOTE: 1.Meeting time and location at 09.00am in gili’s harbor according where gili’s you stay in. 2.Turtle,fish,might not visible and it’s according the weather 3.If solo traveler will add fee 400k to cover operational cost 4.Please avoid default time in airbnb because this tour duration around 8-9 hours
Lombok Hand weaving and Batik class
This is an experience that everyone should try. Mr.kusman experienced people about weaving. We want to share our knowledge and talents and mr. Kusman experienced people about Batik and Hand weaving. This will really bring out the art in you. Not only that experience truly memorable and inspiring. Mr. Kusman will teach traditional art forms using natural materials. we supplay including all materials you need to make from your own hands. The classes are held in a simple house complex that has produced many works of art. You can do it yourself every stage of the process under our guidance and then for learn Batik. In this batik class you will be guided and taught by mr.kusman how to make batik on cloth that will be made for clothes and on this occasion you will really be taught about traditions that you rarely find in other places and I hope you enjoy all this very valuable experience. Other things to note #Note -if you need transport for pickup, you will be charged. Area Kute IDR 350k Area Senggigi, Mataram IDR 400k -if you need transport for pickup and drop back Kuta,Mataram,Senggigi IDR 650k Include -kopi, tea, mineral water.
Surf lessons in Lombok, Senggigi
Have the best surf experience with a professional, safe and friendly environment. I offer personal lessons adapted to every surfing levels at a very affordable price. Just a few hours away from Bali, the island of Lombok offers awesome swell, while being much less crowded than Bali. Some awesome surf spots in Lombok include Senggigi, Kuta, Bongkas, Pandawa, Mawi, and Desert Point, which at one point was voted as having the best waves in the world. So, wait no more, book a spot on a surf camp in Lombok and ride the best waves out there! Semi Private lesson: We give 1 instructor pair with 3 students, This allows you to get the personal attention and feedback you need to improve your surfing. EACH LESSON IS ( 2 HOURS ) We meet in central Senggigi Surf basic theory- 5 minutes Beach practicals- 5 minutes Surf lesson- 50 minutes Break time- 10 minutes Surf lesson - 50 minutes Check it out our Instagram : Kubu Surf School We don't just give a lesson, we teach you how to become a real surfer. The lesson schedule in Airbnb are the best tide and safety wave for beginner lesson. Other things to note The time class can change depending ocean conditions. If you don’t know how to swim, i can provide you life jackets. If the sun is very strong, better bring some leggings to protect your legs.