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Окрема кімната у помешкання для оренди, господар – Gina

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Чудові умови для дистанційної роботи
Швидкий Wi-Fi ( 281 Мбіт/с), а також виділене робоче місце в окремій кімнаті.
Безкоштовне скасування бронювання до 11 груд..


Кожне бронювання передбачає безкоштовний захист у разі скасування господарем, наявності неточностей в оголошенні та інших проблем, наприклад із заселенням.
Деякі дані перекладено автоматично.
Staying at my place is usually described by friends as interesting & laid back. The apt. is an extension of myself, and I believe there can be eccentric qualities while still maintaining a zen quality about it, so you don't need to tip-toe here. Curtains were added for you and I can modify most anything else if you need it! I will also keep out of the common area after a certain hour to give you space if you like. Mi casita su casita! If I can help accommodate your 5 senses in some way just say!

Thoughtfulness and whimsy fill this space, and I would consider my little apt. somewhat of a "Please Touch Museum." Constant experimentation/perspective play with furniture/objects keeps the layout alive, so please feel comfortable interacting with the space too! I fluidly add or take away anything that contributes to an overall natural existence here, so my hope is for you to unwind in that ebb & flow.
I do like things to function in unique & practical ways that keep the mind laughing, and I strive to make things overall effortless.... So you'll see things like, my kayak paddle above the shower (because A: it makes me happy to see it, B: I can grab it at any moment to hit the water, and C: works as a drying rack or plant holder in the mean time!) I just like things to make sense and foster fun.
The dining room table stays half-opened, so if we need more space that can happen.... you're welcome to also eat food on the couch - the ottoman is very flat and makes a good table, either from the couch or using some floor cushions. Or you could eat in the kitchen using the barstool.. or literally any other surface if you want.... I'll sometimes sit in the rocking chair and grub too....
There are some quirks, like the plumbing being somewhat "hot & cold" in this building, so you have to play with the controls a bit before finding your temperature. It's not always fun, but it's not the least fun(!_?) Eventually I'll finish the portable shower I've been researching for camping so I'm excited to share that as an option too!
The only other thing is that the microwave kind if takes 2 hands to open, or just pushing with your thumb and pulling with the fingers to open. Just takes a certain touch.
Innovation is my life's work so if you need it I can make it happen! Mi casita su casita!!

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Newark: 5 ночей

16 груд 2022 р. - 21 груд 2022 р.

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Newark, Delaware, Сполучені Штати

The grassy area outback is gimungous, and a few of the trees are suitable for a hammock. I usually cross through a path in the woods to the residential streets to skateboard. You can walk down the main street nearby (which does have a sidewalk) to get to the nearest diner & Wawa 0.9 miles away. There's an excellent Indian restaurant and Dunkin' in the same shopping center. I guess the train would be about a 35 min walk from here.
There's another main road that leads to downtown Newark with a ton of food/shopping options and even bike paths, a new park with a pond, trails that spit out of White Clay Creek State Park, etc, but I wouldn't reeeally walk to those. All you can see from my third floor unit is trees so that's really lovely, and in the warmer months it sounds like I'm sleeping in the forest because of crickets and birds just outside. Other than that it's pretty average. The Christina Mall is 10 min away if you're into that... and getting to any other direction from here is very easy with several back road/highway options 5 min away.

Господар: Gina

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Going along with the natural "wei" of things.... Avid longboarder/rollerblader. Detail-oriented... loves to describe simple beauties/accidents. Sober, thoughtful, warm. Excellent experimental chef, making use of leftover odds and ends like an Engina Bumblebee Sea Snail! Polar Bear Plunger! Sunrise explorer.

I've had so many opportunities with fullfilling jobs and adventures. My favorites have been teaching swimming lessons to children of all ages and even adults and I always carry a curious and playful energy with me everywhere. I look forward to being surprised by my surroundings and handling any unpredictable life circumstance with a grateful and enlightened perspective.
Outdoors exploration is immensely important to me so I make sure to take very good care of my gear so I can be ready for the next adventure with dry, clean tools! (I may test my sleeping mat anywhere it will fit, i.e. if the living room has the best sunset spot, but rest assured your space will be respected!)
If your space has a kitchen I'll likely be offering you something to eat if I get inspired, I'll happily share my ukelele or guitar if we cross paths, singing to you 70s like Jim Croce or Joni Mitchell or just some relaxing picking loops from the porch ::)! I will respect your privacy and community.
Going along with the natural "wei" of things.... Avid longboarder/rollerblader. Detail-oriented... loves to describe simple beauties/accidents. Sober, thoughtful, warm. Excellent e…

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It sometimes takes me a bit of effort to actually fall asleep so I'll be pretty reclusive a few hours before bed, probably starting at 6-7pm.... The living room is your "bedroom" so I fully respect that space. We could even put a curtain on the ceiling if you need a cubbie. I'd like to use the time you're here to basically try and focus on one of my crafts or something, as I work best when someone is around but not necessarily engaging. I'm open to sharing extra rollerblades/longboards or going on trails together during the day, totally up to you. I can share my BJ's membership card with you if you want to get some of your favorite things to keep for later. I have instruments that need to be fed so you're welcome to play.... we can color/do Mad Libs, play chess, or whatever else you see that seems neat...I'm also happy to collaborate on a meal if we're both up for it. But again, I'm perfectly fine just being in my own room or off to the side working on stuff.
It sometimes takes me a bit of effort to actually fall asleep so I'll be pretty reclusive a few hours before bed, probably starting at 6-7pm.... The living room is your "bedroom" s…
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