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Окрема кімната у будинок, господар – Sharan Deep Singh

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Sharan Deep Singh – супергосподар
Супергосподарі – це досвідчені господарі з високими оцінками, які прагнуть забезпечити чудове перебування для гостей.
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Кожне бронювання передбачає безкоштовний захист у разі скасування господарем, наявності неточностей в оголошенні та інших проблем, наприклад із заселенням.
Деякі дані перекладено автоматично.
If you are into hiking, quite surrounding. Walking etc then you will love it. If you are into wining, donning, shopping etc we got nothing to offer you of that sort.

We offer nine beautiful cabins with attached baths for nature lovers & health conscious travelers alike. Also its a paradise for bird watchers. If you have any health issue that prevents you from walking short distances apx 300 meters on walk way , this isn't the place for you. Each cabin provide accommodation for two people not three. At one point in time this entire area was internationally deemed as the second best climate in the world after Pasadena, California. Gone those days and it will get worst. This place 'Fuschia' (named after the beautiful non indigenous flower in a bell shape) happens also to have many of these flowers in a huge spectrum of colors. There is a Hindu temple which is right next to parking lot, over a period of time local farmers have planted tea on the road, this causes an inconvenience to walk, but at the same time it's a little historic reflecting it's original state. You have to walk 10 min from the parking lot on a nice scenic trail to reach the cabins (I love calling this an automatic tread mill). But once again if you have difficulty walking also if your are city person there is nothing here for you. You will be bored from surroundings and regret on your decision of coming here. By the same token if you love grandeur of nature and don't want to spend too much money then you will be in love at first sight. There are no shops and restaurants around but aren't you sick of them? Anyway these cabins are Large, Medium and small with attach very clean baths, each cabin got king size beds, one small cabin with smaller size bed but two can cuddle. Also this is not the place where you want to measure the size of the cabin but vastness of outside beauty. Also each bath got hot shower with low pressure, bucket bath is way to go with geyser heated water. This place is zero star, to me this star ranking system is good for cities. In old days there were no star system and people live quite nice lives in villages compare to artificial life we are pushing ourselves into in cities. This is back to basics concept and coming here you are going back in time. Jack London, Shakespeare and list goes on who lived in simple cabins or cottages, which probably helped sharpened there creative brains. Anyway bathrooms got color combination tiles, granite, high end plumbing fittings, hot water. You can also enjoy Gazebo/Sun room just to kick back or do nothing all day and rest after that in the evening by the fire which cost 700 rs. For wild life lovers watch heard of Bison's, lots of birds etc. Only animals I have seen are Wild boars, Deer, Porcupines, Rabbits, one time I counted heard of 33 Bison, Leopards, bears and vast variety of birds. Seeing animals and birds is healthy sight since they are loosing thee habitat to viscous human beings who are not hesitant to kill them, cut forest and burn. Personally me working hard for past few years won the battle but lost the war. When you come here you will see what I mean, deforestation. As far this place goes you can go on mild to moderate hike to waterfall or if you are courage's enough then climb tall mountain right in front of you, you can also walk on a trail to village called Bibin, usually village people are very welcoming and will invite you for tea or coffee into there homes. Also to make you feel better all the money you give for these cabins eventually trickle down to poverty driven people who were born in poverty and after working hard all there lives still living in poverty. There lives are almost like modern day slavery, dark side of this paradise. Especially women who pluck tea leaves under hot sun or rain and get paid very little. Surprisingly they always have beautiful smile in spite of going through never ending hardships unlike people in big cities. Anyway you are not coming here to end world hunger but to enjoy your time so lets get to the point. This place is little bit off the beaten path and very few people live around this area. If you like inner cities person then again this is not the place for you. I don't want to discourage you not to come but same time bit concern if this is a good match for you. Since there are no shops all around here so you can do all the shopping in Kotagiri and stack up the refrigerator. Mostly its the caretakers who goes and do shopping for you to kotagiri market and buy fresh stuff. Break fast and lunch per person 200 and dinner 250 each. Lot of effort goes into cooking and it’s open kitchen and dining, you can watch how they cook or indulge. Staying here is brilliant idea to contribute to poor, simultaneously you get your pleasure of staying in beautiful setting with awesome beauty around, you go to bed with noise of waterfall and wake up to the sound of birds. When you leave you can be proud of contributing towards not so privileged everyday life people in Nilgiris. Staying here American novelist John Muir's saying applies " A day spent in a nature is a day added to your life". If you have more then a back pack or carry on's then guys will be courteous enough to give you helping hand. I am sure they will appreciate tips too. People around are very humble and down to earth. Do not arrive when its dark. Can't buy beer or hard liquor around. Please bring Flash lights, books you always wanted to read. Please do not littler, have respect for next visitors and environment around. Some lady I never met tossed dirty diaper in the tea estate during there stay, I hope she never comes back again. Since it is such a small place no guarantee you will get cabin. Oh by the way water fall doesn't look as nice due to deforestation. Some people especially coming from cities buying land have no respect for nature and they are not hesitant to cut trees which took years to grow in 5 min. Land without trees look bare and horrible. Forest around here with old matured trees is diminishing very quickly, wild animals loosing there home. Criminal actives in cutting Shola trees ( Indigenous trees) is quite common here especially by outsider not the locals. This is crying shame, we talk about vanishing Amazon forest but this is happening right here in Nilgiris. Unfortunately none of the rich tea planters all around raises voice or concern over deforestation. But if labor working in fields demand bit more money in wages that is four letter word to them. Anyway morning and evenings are very pleasant. Do not wonder off during afternoon. Over here UV rays are very strong and you can get heat stroke. If you are not is good shape don't attempt to go on hike especially heavy smokers. Most of the time I am not here but just in case if I am here and I happen to be driving to Kotagiri then I would love to give you ride from Ooty to Kotagiri. Also if you need help with pick up and drop off there is a real nice guy who got small New car and he can take you around sight seeing etc for fair price also pick you up from Coimbatore train station or airport and drop you back. Same applies to hikers, we got pros who know Nilgiris like back of there had and all the hikes in this region, there names Anil and kannan

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Пізніше поговоривши з індуїстським господарем Сінгхом, мешканцем Котагірі, повідомив, що це було частиною його ініціативи щодо збереження воробів.

Враховуючи, що «Воробей» є дуже важливою частиною екологічної системи, він шкодував, що протягом останніх трьох десятиліть вони були більш або менш зруйновані в Пенджабі, Хар 'яні та деяких частинах Північної Індії. Ворота стали надзвичайно рідкісною пам 'яткою в Пенджабі через дискримінаційне використання пестицидів, комах і речовин, забруднення, спричинене автомобілями та фабриками, а також грибними конструкціями.

Він сказав, що не лише на півночі, але й в інших частинах країни, він сказав, що певні види птахів, медоносів і світлячок зникли.

Виражаючи надію, що ті, хто перебуває під керівництвом бізнесу, і люди розглядатимуть розвиток як «попередження про червоний прапор», пан Сінгх попереджав, що «повітря, яке ми дихаємо, і їжа, яку ми їмо, більше небезпечні».

Завдяки їхній відсутності є зусилля для захисту навколишнього середовища, яке призводить до виганяння птахів, як-от ворони.

На запит він сказав, що населення воробів на муніципальному ринку та його околицях, таких як перехрестя «П 'ять ліхтарів», тут здорове.

Однак вони можуть допомогти. Це чудовий приклад співпраці.

Однією з причин великої кількості воробів на ринку є те, що використання шкідливих хімічних речовин є меншим порівняно з овочевими полями в різних частинах Нілгіріса.

Дослідження свідчать про те, що споживання забрудненої води призводить до таких жінок, як рак, а також до недоліків народження. Це вплинуло на наземну воду.

Запропонувавши, щоб сад руху був названий «Сад Воробей», пан Сінгх повідомив, що торговці в цьому регіоні надають допомогу в його обслуговуванні, і сподівався, що гнізда не будуть вандалізовані. До них слід ставитися так само, як до «ми ставимося до своїх будинків». П. Джей Васантан, відомий спостерігач за птахами, сказав, що такі цінності важко знайти.
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Sharan Deep Singh – супергосподар

Супергосподарі – це досвідчені господарі з високим рейтингом, які роблять все можливе для комфорту своїх гостей.
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