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Ohio: помешкання для відпочинку

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Найкращі помешкання для відпочинку в місті Ohio

Гості погоджуються: ці помешкання мають високі оцінки за розташування, чистоту та інше.

зруб цілком · 4 гостя · 2 ліжка · 1 ванна кімната

"МІСЯЦЬ" - ГІДРОМАСАЖНА ВАННА Creek Ridge Cabins на ПАЛУБІ!!Кабіни Крік Рідж в Лексінгтоні пропонують унікальний уединений схід з зручністю шопінгу та ресторанів неподалік. Наші кабіни відрізняються високоякісним сучасним дизайном з красивими затишними інтер 'єрами в чарівній лісовій обстановці. Стіна з вікнами з видом на велику палубу надає приголомшливий вид на мальовниче ущелину та узбіччя річки. Їдете у ділову подорож чи відпочиваєте у вихідні? Їдете до кабіни The Moon?

Ohio River Cottage
заміський будинок цілком · 2 гостя · 1 ліжко · 1 ванна кімната

Ohio River CottageThis is an Ohio River front private cottage on 7 acres . This cottage has a bedroom, living room, bathroom with shower, large screened deck and a separate outer deck. There is also a grill on deck. This is a great place to escape from stress and relax. During the season dock space can be available. This cottage has WiFi and a 55 inch flat screen satellite TV. Enjoy the river views and watch the wild life . Easy accessibility to the local shopping , Hospitals and Restaurants 10-15 minutes.

Кабіна в Maple View - (Ми відкриті!)
зруб цілком · 4 гостя · 2 ліжка · 1 ванна кімната

Кабіна в Maple View - (Ми відкриті!)Ми відкриті для гостей! Ми розуміємо, що віддалена кабіна - одне з найбезпечніших місць для перебування в ці важкі часи. ------ Нова кабіна! Кабіна в Мейпл-Вью розташована за чверть милі від шосе вниз по довгій поворотній дорозі. Він спрямований назад у ліс і віддалений від усього цього. Вас оточують 80 акрів манікюрного лісу та величезний двір. Середовище привітне. Атмосфера тепла. Назвіть це своїм помешканням на ніч або на тривале перебування.

Помешкання для відпочинку для будь-якого стилю

Знайдіть помешкання, розмір якого підходить саме вам.

  • Помешкання
  • Готелі
  • Унікальні помешкання

Популярні зручності в помешканнях для відпочинку в місті Ohio

  • Кухня
  • Wi-Fi
  • Басейн
  • Безкоштовне паркування на території
  • Кондиціонер

Ohio: інші чудові помешкання для відпочинку

  1. зруб цілком
  2. Waterville
Small Secluded Cabin on the River with Free Kayaks
$95 за ніч
  1. Міні-будинок
  2. Creola
Wilder - Evermore Cottage | 10 Min to Ash Cave
$178 за ніч
  1. зруб цілком
  2. Сейлем
ДЕРЕВ 'яний БУДИНОК “ЛОВЕЦЬ МРІЙ" в кабінах Крік Рідж
$204 за ніч
  1. Міні-будинок
  2. Vinton
The Creek House, a creekside tree top cabin.
$133 за ніч
  1. зруб цілком
  2. Батлер
Стріловий хребет поза ґраткою кабіни №2
$65 за ніч
  1. зруб цілком
  2. Creola
Wilder - Camp Emerson | 10 Mins to Ash Cave
$178 за ніч
  1. зруб цілком
  2. McDermott
The Roundabout Cabin біля Портсмута, Огайо
$150 за ніч
  1. зруб цілком
  2. Олбані
Cabin-Ohio U,Хокінг-Хіллз, Windy9 і Бейліз Трейл
$121 за ніч
  1. зруб цілком
  2. South Charleston
Green Plains Cabin
$176 за ніч
  1. зруб цілком
  2. Сейлем
"THE STARS" - Creek Ridge Cabins HOT TUB ON DECK!!
$183 за ніч
  1. зруб цілком
  2. Логан
New Cabin in the Heart of Hocking Hills!
$192 за ніч
  1. зруб цілком
  2. Laurelville
Beautiful Studio cabin in Hocking Hills.
$168 за ніч

Ohio: найпопулярніші варіанти дозвілля

Unique activities hosted by local experts vetted for quality

  • Paddle Board Trip on the Maumee River
    When you get to our meeting place, we'll carry our Stand Up Paddle Boards (SUPs) down to the water and begin getting acquainted with the board. It's easy to learn and you may not even fall into the water - you never know. After a few minutes of getting accustomed, we'll begin our paddle. You should expect to be on the water for a leisurely 2.5 to 3 hours. We will take a few breaks too, and even spend a portion floating downriver. First, we paddle upriver to Indian Island where you can often see bald eagles. We continue upriver to the rapids where we take a break in the wake of one of the islands. The next part of our paddle will be very easy - down river. Here, our paddlers choose to float, race, and just have fun. Once we arrive at the downriver tip of Missionary Island, we begin our paddling activity - or else it’s unintentionally down the Rapids at Roche de Boeuf. We follow the towpath trail upriver back to the parking area at Farnsworth Metropark. Other things to note: You should be comfortable swimming, being in the water, and exercising. Stand up paddle boarding is a great workout and you should come mentally prepared for a physical activity.
    Від Ціна:$32 за особу
  • Cincinnati Top Ten Sites Streetcar Tour
    Visiting Cincinnati?This is the perfect morning tour for first time visitors! Not only do we see the Top Ten Sites, we also enjoy the Top Five Foods that Cincinnati is famous for! This is a guided tour of Cincinnati from the banks of the Ohio River to Findlay Market in Over the Rhine. With the aid of the Cincinnati Streetcar, plus 2 miles of walking over the course of 3 hours, we take you on a whirlwind tour of the city. You receive a light lunch, ride the streetcar and tour the city with a local, friendly guide. This is the perfect tour for families and locals who want to see the new downtown developments. Our food servings are generous and enough for lunch. We enjoy full servings of an authentic Belgium waffle, Skyline chili cheese dog, a scoop of Graeter's black raspberry chocolate chip ice-cream, a Holtman's Donut and a slice of goetta from a German Butcher shop. Ice water is provided at the first three restaurants. Please bring a bottle for hydration if needed on a warm day. This tour include sightseeing, history, art and architecture. The streetcar is handicapped accessible, but this tour involves 2.5 miles of walking in addition to riding the streetcar over a 3 hour period of time. Motorized wheelchairs are recommended. Please note: Findlay Market & Holtman's Donuts are closed Monday. We provide alternate stops and the same amount of food.
    Від Ціна:$59 за особу
  • Pontoon Happy Hour Hop on Buckeye Lake
    Along with Capt GoGo : We will start our unique experience on Buckeye Lake starting on the heart of it all-the North Bank , you will embark in a Pontoon boat AKA party patio. After check in, we will start navigating to Buckeye Lake landmarks (natural and manmade) with stops at the best of the lake food and drink venues. On the way, appetizers and nonalcoholic drinks will be available while you enjoy the amazing views of Buckeye Lake we will be talking about facts, history, Real Estate and gossip. In this 3 hours experience you will enjoy 2 different stops for adult beverages.
    Від Ціна:$250 за особу
  • Book a Day with the Donkeys
    Delve into something new with Al, Gus and Smudge as your new "secret" friends for the afternoon! Hidden on a country lane amidst 86 acres of "holler", you can hug a donkey, brush, feed carrots, and celebrate this hidden opportunity to share some secrets with Al, Gus or Smudge. Individually packaged snacks and drinks will anchor this opportunity in our restored barn. Situated along a rambling creek, this farm venture includes private time with a donkey. You may wish to book a private group option to have this space/venue all to yourselves. Whatever your special day, share these moments in fresh air with friends-- have a sync with nature, or just push your "reset" button. These guys won't tell your secret, judge you, and they, definitely won't offer any advice--- Promise! Other things to note: Ages four and up may participate in this experience. You will need a designated adult caretaker for anyone under seven. Outdoor restroom with a hand sanitizing station is available. We follow airbnb experience guidelines. Tee shirt included-- the donkeys want to see you are on "their team"!
    Від Ціна:$55 за особу
  • Cincinnati Photoshoot/Photowalk
    Join me on the photoshoot experience that is bound to complete your visit to Cincinnati! Enjoy the historic architecture and rich history while posing it up with your family, significant other or make it a solo occasion. We will begin at beautiful Washington Park located in the heart of Over-the-Rhine, make our way over to classic Music Hall and finish off on Vine Street in front of the most spectacular murals in the city. I hope you leave with a greater appreciation for this quaint midwest city. The age old architecture and history behind the walls of each building are worth more than just a visit, they want to be remembered and photographed with you! !!OTHER THINGS TO NOTE PLEASE READ!! If you CANNOT WALK, this will NOT be the experience for you. If you are FROM THE CINCINNATI AREA, please DO NOT book this experience. This is a special experience JUST for people visiting from out of town. If you would like to book with me, please send me a message! !!CANCELLATION!! I have the most flexible cancellation and refund policy. If you have to cancel, please send me a message and cancel the experience yourself, or PERSONALLY REQUEST ME TO CANCEL FOR YOU! I have had issues in the past with people not receiving their full refunds because they do not follow the rules! I want to provide the best experience, please follow the rules or I cannot guarantee a refund!
    Від Ціна:$75 за особу