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    Як заробляти бали лояльності T-point (жителі Японії)

    Calling all Japan residents who have a Yahoo! Japan ID! You can earn T-points when you book accommodations on Airbnb.

    You can use your points at any T-point alliance partners, online and across Japan.

    How it works

    Link your T-points account to your Airbnb account to earn 1 T-point for every ¥200 (or foreign equivalent) paid when booking an accommodation on Airbnb, anywhere in the world. Airbnb Experiences are not included.

    Earning T-points

    Once your accounts are properly linked, you’ll earn points for:

    • Nightly rate
    • Cleaning fee
    • Guest service fee

    Coupons, local taxes, and deposits are not included.

    If you cancel a booking and receive only a partial refund, you’ll receive points for any amount not refunded. Full-refunded canceled bookings don’t earn points.

    Points are:

    • Based on the final value of your booking
    • Added to your account within 72 hours of checkout

    Manage your T-point account

    Forgot to link your T-point account to your Airbnb account before booking? You can still earn points if you connect your account before checkout.

    Visit T-point | T-card to:

    • Track your points
    • Manage your account
    • Disconnect your account

    Help with the T-point | T-card website

    If you can’t log in to the T-point | T-card website with your Yahoo! JAPAN ID, or for any T-point usage-related questions, refer to the T-point | T-card FAQ.

    Note: For more details, please review the Terms and Conditions for earning T-points with Airbnb.

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