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    Вимоги до бронювання вражень

    Experiences give you an insider view of the world. You might learn how to cook tamales in Mexico City, or hike to a mountain picnic outside of Marrakesh.

    No matter the thrill, one thing's for sure—you must comply with local laws and regulations when you go on an experience. For example, you’ll need to meet the local drinking age laws to drink alcohol on your experience.

    Special certification

    Curious if your activity requires a specific license, such as scuba certification or a driver’s license? Your Host will provide that info in the guest requirements section of the listing.

    Skill level

    Some activities require different skill levels, such as a strenuous hike or a sailing adventure. This information should be included in the listing. And, of course, feel free to ask your Host questions about what you should expect during the experience.

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