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    Які стандарти Airbnb для готелів та інших підприємств сфери гостинності?

    We welcome listings hosted by professional hospitality businesses on Airbnb that offer unique spaces and personal hospitality to the Airbnb community.

    Airbnb has some guidelines for the types of hotels and professional hospitality businesses. By listing as a hotel or professional hospitality business you represent that:

    • Your properties have appropriate business licenses (where applicable)
    • You are legally responsible for property management and authorized to sell rooms within the property (as a hotel or professional hospitality business) directly to the public

    Properties should have a unique, independent environment and style (for example, boutique or lifestyle hotels, not mass-market chains). Some of the qualities that make these properties a particularly good fit for Airbnb include:

    • Vibrant common gathering spaces and/or events
    • Guest rooms with personal touches that are individually unique and/or local in design
    • High-quality photos on the listing page that showcase the design of the property and what guests can expect
    • Accessibility features that are helpful to guests with limited mobility

    Along with our basic requirements for hosts, these standards for hotels and unique spaces help ensure that we’re meeting guests’ expectations.

    Affected property types

    Airbnb's standards for hotels and other hospitality businesses apply to the following property types:

    • Boutique hotel
    • Hotel
    • Bed & breakfast
    • Serviced apartment
    • Aparthotel
    • Casa particular
    • Condohotel
    • Heritage hotel
    • Hostel
    • Minsu
    • Nature lodge
    • Pension
    • Pousada
    • Resort
    • Ryokan

    For new listings, the review will begin once a listing is published. We also conduct a retroactive review of all existing listings. You can continue hosting as usual during the review process.

    If a listing doesn’t meet our standards

    You’ll receive an email letting you know that the listing does not meet our standards.

    If your listing does not meet our standards because it’s not categorized correctly within the new categorization system, you can update the property type. To do this:

    1. Click the link in the email or go directly to your listings
    2. Choose a different property type
    3. Publish the listing

    If you choose another property type that requires a review, the process will start again.

    If a listing meets all our standards and is correctly categorized, you can add your business info so that we can confirm your details.

    Listings that don’t meet our standards may be permanently removed from Airbnb.

    HotelTonight is a hotel booking platform that is part of the Airbnb family that carries a wider selection of properties, including large, chain brands. If you’re interested in adding your property to HotelTonight, visit the HotelTonight partners page.

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